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All of our e-books are free of Digital Rights Management (DRM) which means you are free to copy e-books you purchase to any computer or device you own for purposes of reading. You are also free to convert the e-books to other formats for reading on other types of e-book readers you own.

AutoHotkey Mega Deal!
About ComputorEdge E-Books

ComputorEdge E-Books specializes in AutoHotkey—absolutely the best, free software for automating any Windows computer.

Why AutoHotkey?

1. Simple techniques for creating Windows Hotkeys (actions key combinations) and Hotstrings (automatic text correction and manipulation).

2. Easy to learn language whether an experienced programmer or a newbie. The best language for anyone who wants to learn to program.

3. A complete scripting language. While simple to get started with Hotkeys and Hotstrings, AutoHotkey represents an extensive programming language capable of supporting both quick pop-up utilities and more complex applications.

4. It’s free!

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